Too many businesses only see marketing as doing promotional tactics to attract new customers.  They are so focused on social media, influencers, sales funnels, SEO, advertising campaigns, signage or promotions & special offers,  that they forget the important step that comes before all of these things ... crafting their experience. 

In your business, it's your experience that sets you apart from your competitors and gets people talking about you.  It's your experience that increases customer loyalty and drives the best marketing there is .... word-of-mouth. 

  • Have you ever reviewed your experience?

  • Do you understand the journey your customers go on with your business?

  • What is the experience you want your customers to have at every different touchpoint?

When you're thinking about your experience, you need to be considering things like:

  • how people find the information they want about your products or services;

  • the design and usability of your digital platforms (website, social media etc);

  • how you can integrate technology and software into your business for communications, bookings, inquiries, database & project management, payments, loyalty programs, sales, reviews, feedback, and more;

  • the customer services you provide;

  • how you communicate with your customers;

  • creating marketing that is focused on your customer and what's important to them;

  • the complete journey your customers go on from discovering your business to after the sale;

  • how you can meet and exceed expectations to provide that something extra that makes your customers remember you.


“Building a good customer experience does not happen by accident. It happens by design."
- Clare Muscutt 




Studies have shown there is a big gap between the experience businesses think they are delivering and what the customers are actually experiencing.   You can't just assume your experience is great.  You need to go through the process of looking at your business through the eyes of your customers.  

Your Check-Up will help you to...

  • Get clear on what your business wants to be known for, who your business is for, what’s important to them and what their expectations are.

  • Identify the different touchpoints that your clients have with your business and the current end-to-end journey your customers experience.

  • Look at your current experience journey, identify the gaps and opportunities at each touchpoint.

  • Discover where your ‘Hero Experience’ should be in your journey map and brainstorm some ideas of what this could be.


  • 2hr 1-1 session (Zoom or in person if in Adelaide)

  • Experience Check-Up Report.

  • Personalised Experience Journey Map.

Investment:      $550 (inc GST)



If you're serious about taking your experience to the next level and you want to focus on getting more word of mouth marketing, your business is going to greatly benefit from investing in working on your Experience Development.

We'll complete an Experience Check-Up PLUS...

  • Dive deeper into your brand and set your brand identity.

  • Get real client feedback to add to your experience journey map.

  • Review each touchpoint in more detail to identify gaps that need to be worked on and which opportunities should be a priority based on the business goal.

  • Create a new experience journey map that outlines the experience your business is committed to delivering, including your new Hero Experience.

  • Create a detailed plan with what actions are needed to deliver the new experience journey map.


  • Experience Check-Up.

  • 3 x 1-1 sessions.

  • Gather customer feedback.

  • Action Plan outlining what needs to be done to implement your new experience.

Investment:    from $2700 (inc GST)



As your Activator, I'll work as part of your team to make sure your business is moving forward in delivering your enhanced experience.  Ideas are great, but actions are where the magic is.

A few examples of projects I can work on for your business are:

  • Review & update your website site plan and content.

  • Set up your customer database, email templates and integrations.

  • Research options for new software programs and organise the full set up & implementation into your business operations (eg. booking systems, CRM, online forms etc).

  • Create new communication tools (information docs, automated emails, surveys, questionnaires, online portals, welcome / thank you packs etc). 

  • Implement a new customer service feature, digital integration, after-sales follow-ups, VIP customer program etc.

Can include:

  • Delivery of individual projects. 

  • Regular time spent in the business to plan, implement and manage all customer-related projects.

  • Monthly customer experience check-ins to review customer feedback and support your team with implementing projects. 

Investment:       POA 



"Tiffany was fabulous! She came to my session well informed with great tips and ideas. It’s so great to have someone look at your business with fresh eyes.  I’ve implemented a few ideas with great results. I’ll be using Tiffany again.  She’s awesome!"


"Tiff is so easy to talk to, you find yourself thinking up great ideas and concepts together that align with your business ideas. We found Tiff gives so many 'extras', with lots of support outside of our 1 on 1's ! Finally feel excited about having a plan and a support system in place!" 💜


"Tiffany is the business, she really knows her stuff and gets you to look at the bigger picture."


“Tiffany’s approach to creating a marketing Journi gave me the clarity that I needed and an action plan that matches my personality. I give Journi Marketing a high recommendation. Top shelf work!



If you have any questions about working with me as your Experience Creator, please use the contact form or details below.

I look forward to connecting with you.

JOURNI Marketing
Adelaide, South Australia



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