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Far too many businesses are focused only on attracting new customers with social media content, sales funnels, SEO, running advertising campaigns or promotions & special offers.  Why are they doing this when it costs more than 10x the money to aquire a new customer than it does to upsell an existing one???

Did you know that a referred customer is upwards of 4x as valuable to a business and will spend 2x more over their lifetime than a regular customer??!!  

It's your customer experience that sets you apart from your competitors and gets them talking about you.  It's your experience that drives the best marketing there is .... word-of-mouth.  So why are there so many businesses who haven't even considered their experience, let alone done the work to understand their customer journey, and create an experience that is comes down to the experience they have with your business.   I'm talking about an experience that considers....

  • how people find the information they want to know about your products or services;

  • how your digital platforms (websites, social media etc) are designed;

  • how you can integrate technology and software into your business for communications, bookings, inquiries, database & project management, loyalty programs, sales, reviews, feedback and more;

  • the complete journey your customers go on from discovery to after the sale;

  • how you can exceed expectations and provide that something extra



Would you like to replace "I don't really know what marketing I need to be doing", with "It feels good to know what marketing I need to be focussed on for my business'? 

Are you ready to get clear on a simple marketing plan that outlines the journey you are going to take your clients on from discovering your business to loving it?


The best place to start is to spend some time getting clear on your Marketing Foundation.  

This is a 'must-do' first step before you start with any other marketing tactics or actions which looks at your business goal, personality type, brand, offering and target audience. 


I could give you a long list of all the reasons why your marketing is so important and why you need a plan.  But something tells me you already know the whys.

If you're concerned that your business isn't growing, isn't attracting the right clients or isn't delivering the experience you want your business to be known for.... then let's get to work on your Marketing Journey Map.


Something that sets JOURNI Marketing apart from other marketing agencies / freelancers / consultants is that I use your Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) & the Marketing Personality Type™ framework to craft the best marketing plan and journey for YOU. 


You are unique and your marketing needs to be as individual as you.    When you follow your Marketing Personality Type, your marketing is going to feel good.  And that means greater results!  Trust me, when you feel good about the marketing you're doing, your audience will notice and that's where the magic happens.



Have you purchased your Full Marketing Personality Type Report from and now you've got questions on how to map out the best marketing strategy for your personality type?  

Tiffany has gone through a special mentorship program with MPT founder Brit Kolo and is qualified to deliver 'Marketing Personality Strategy Check Sessions'.

If you're excited by what you have learnt about Marketing Personality Types so far, you will love getting to work 1-1 with Tiffany to map out the best marketing plan for your personality.



Do you have a goal you are working towards with your business?  Do you have a plan that outlines what marketing you are going to do to achieve your goal?

Before you try another marketing tactic or enroll in another online course or run a Facebook ad campaign or create another piece of social media content ... STOP and get clear on what's the best marketing for YOU and YOUR business. 

A 'Marketing Plan & Journey Map Consult' will give you a simple plan that is presented as a visual marketing journey map.  Your personalised journey map identifies what tactics you are going to be focussed on to attract people to your business and what experience your clients are going to have using your business.  And all of it is going to feel good to you.


Tiffany was fabulous! She came to my session well informed with great tips and ideas. It’s so great to have someone look at your business with fresh eyes.  I’ve implemented a few ideas with great results. I’ll be using Tiffany again.  She’s awesome!


Tiff is so easy to talk to, you find yourself thinking up great ideas and concepts together that align with your business ideas. We found Tiff gives so many 'extras', with lots of support outside of our 1 on 1's ! Finally feel excited about having a plan and a support system in place! 💜


Tiffany is the business, she really knows her stuff and gets you to look at the bigger picture.



If you have any questions about working with me as your Experience Creator, please use the contact form or details below.

I look forward to connecting with you.

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