Are you feeling confused, frustrated or overwhelmed with your marketing?

you need to book a

marketing brainstorm

Did you know that brainstorming...

  • allows people to think more freely, and encourages open conversation to solve problems and generate innovative ideas.

  • generates a number of ideas quickly, which can be refined and merged to create the ideal solution.

  • helps people to feel more comfortable bouncing ideas off one another and explore what's possible.

  • introduces different perspectives and opens the door to out-of-the-box innovations.

  • helps get ideas out of our heads and into the world, where they can be expanded upon, refined, and put into action.

You don't have to stay feeling stuck or frustrated with your marketing.  

Book a MARKETING BRAINSTORM and enjoy a 1-1 session where we will spend 60 minutes 100% focussed on you, your business, your current marketing challenges, and how to get you moving forward.


We will discuss ideas, tactics, marketing fundamentals, current marketing trends, and by the end of the session, you're guaranteed to have at least 3 new marketing actions that you can go away and work on.

Your Investment ... $133.00

** Marketing Brainstorms are done online via Zoom


"Tiffany was fabulous! She came to my session well informed with great tips and ideas. It’s so great to have someone look at your business with fresh eyes.  I’ve implemented a few ideas with great results. I’ll be using Tiffany again.  She’s awesome!"


"Tiff is so easy to talk to, you find yourself thinking up great ideas and concepts together that align with your business ideas. We found Tiff gives so many 'extras', with lots of support outside of our 1 on 1's ! Finally feel excited about having a plan and a support system in place!" 💜


"Tiffany is the business, she really knows her stuff and gets you to look at the bigger picture."


“Tiffany’s approach to creating a marketing Journi gave me the clarity that I needed and an action plan that matches my personality. I give Journi Marketing a high recommendation. Top shelf work!



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