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YOUR marketing needs to be as individual AS YOU

Let's get more people discovering & loving your business with a marketing plan that's simple and feels good.


About You

I see you.  You're serious about your business, you have a growth mindset and you seek to be known as the best in your industry.  You know that business is a marathon, not a sprint and that successful businesses are always evolving.   You want to be different from your competitors and you're not afraid of the work you need to do to achieve your goals.  You see the benefits of having a plan to follow and working with specialists to tap into their knowledge.

About Me

I'm a curious, creative marketing strategist who will help you see what's possible for your business.  My skill is to find what is unique about you & your business and turn it into a personalised marketing plan that gives you a clear visual map to move forward with your marketing.  I have 18 years of marketing experience, 12 years as a business owner and an obsession with learning, so you can trust that I have the marketing knowledge your business needs.

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Here's the deal, I'm not your normal marketing agency or freelancer.  I don't 'DO' your marketing. 

And before you run away thinking, "that's not what I need" ... do you know what marketing is best for you and your business, and do you have a clear plan that you can follow to get the results you want?

If you don't, then I am the person you need.

With the constant changes in marketing and technology, it's impossible to expect that you can be a leader in your industry, run your business AND be an expert in marketing.  


What I do is ...

  1. Get to know you (using your Myers-Briggs Type Indicator & Marketing Personality Type™), your business, and what you're business goals are.

  2. Put all the pieces together to create a marketing journey map that is a simple to understand visual marketing plan that clearly shows what tactics & touchpoints you are going to do to get more people discovering & loving your business.  

  3. Use your marketing journey map to identify your focus tasks and what skills/resources you need to implement your journey.

  4. Connect you with the right people who can help you in upskilling or getting specific projects done.


  • You will see how all your marketing connects together and why each part is important to the overall journey you want to take your customers/clients on.

  • Your marketing journey is created based on your Marketing Personality Type™ so it will feel good!   It will help you to do more consistent marketing & will connect better with your audience.

  • It is a visual map that is super easy to understand and enables you to identify which tactics or steps you need to action, improve or change. 

  • It will save you time, money and energy that you would have wasted in trying to figure it out yourself and doing random marketing that isn't part of a plan or connected.


  • I know a lot about all areas of marketing and spend hours every week learning + staying up to date with new trends, technology & ideas, which I share with you.

  • You can tap into my strategic & creative mind that considers all possibilities & finds the best route to move forward.

  • You have tried different courses, workshops, and masterclasses... now you want to work 1-1 with someone who is 100% focussed on solutions for your business.

  • I will motivate you to do better marketing.  Marketing that feels good and doesn't stop once you have attracted people to your business.   


FREE Marketing Foundation Workbook

This workbook will guide you through the process of getting super clear on your Marketing Foundation
...the key first step in being able to plan what marketing is best for your business.