If you're a business owner or organisation who is a leader in your industry, is serious about growth and knows how important it is to stay relevant in today's fast-changing world, then a Marketing Journey Map & Plan Consult is for you.  We will work on making sure your marketing connects together and create a carefully crafted, step-by-step journey that you want to take your customers/clients on.

Imagine having a clear and simple map that showed you what marketing and actions you need to do to get more people discovering and loving your business. How good would that be?


Your Marketing Journey Map starts with marketing tactics that feel good to you to implement because we have matched them with your Marketing Personality Type. It outlines all the touchpoints people will have with your business / organisation, how you are going to be remembered and we identify what you're focus actions need to be.  Plus, you get support in making your marketing happen.

Marketing Journey Map & Plan consult includes:

- pre-session Questionnaire

- 2hr / 1-1 session  (online via Zoom)

- completed Marketing Journey Map + Plan

- 30min / 1-1 check-in call

- access to network of marketing freelancers

 INVESTMENT - $550.00 



You've learnt about your Marketing Personality Type from and there was something that made you want to know more. So you purchased your Full Report and you've been working on creating your perfect strategy map like what was outlined in the report.


But now you want to know if there is any way to make your strategy better. Are you on the right track? Have you included the best tactics and actions for you?

If you would like to work with a Marketing Personality Type mentor to work through your strategy map and help you to feel 100% confident in moving forward with it, then I recommend you book a Marketing Personality Strategy Check Session.


In the 90 min / 1-1 session you will work with Tiffany on your strategy map and confirm that it is best one for you and your marketing personality type.

** You must have purchased your Marketing Personality Full Report before you can book this session.

Marketing Personality Strategy Check Session includes:

- 90min / 1-1 session (online via Zoom)

- completed Strategy Map + recording of the session

- access to network of marketing freelancers

 INVESTMENT - $250.00 



If you have any questions about working with me as your Experience Creator, please use the contact form or details below.

I look forward to connecting with you.

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