I'm Tiffany Bennett, a Marketing Specialist who also calls myself an Experience Creator.  

“I'm not here to do things the way they've always been done” 


Over the past 18 years, I've loved getting to work in various marketing roles in different industries.  I've been the strategist, planner & ideas person (deciding what marketing to do), and the hands-on 'doer' (building websites, designing marketing material, managing social media, creating content, writing copy, running advertising campaigns, liaising with clients / suppliers / stakeholders / freelancers, crafting collaborations, planning & running events, providing sales support, organising visual merchandising / signage, managing databases, creating email newsletters, managing members and setting up new software platforms). 

While I've been fortunate enough to experience and work in all areas of marketing, now that I have my own marketing business, my focus is on guiding businesses to craft a customer journey and experience that makes them stand out and gives people a reason to recommend and remember them.
I believe this is the key ingredient in growing a THRIVING business that has loyal, raving customers.

Away from life as a business owner and helping businesses create memorable customer experiences, I'm busy running around after my 3 sons and keeping my family healthy.  I operate my business from where I live on the beautiful Fleurieu Peninsula in South Australia.  When I need a shot of inspiration or break out of the office, I'll head to the beach for a walk.  I used to dream of being a professional tennis or basketball player. I later found out that I’m a better marketer, so here I am!

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Human Design:
Projector (Emotional / 6-2)

Strategic / Input / Individualisation / Relator / Learner


Would you like to know more about what's involved in working with a Freelance Marketing Specialist and Experience Creator?  Let's talk.