If you've landed on this page, you're probably looking for JOURNI Marketing.    After some recent soul searching I've made the decision to close the business and won't be continuing to work as a marketing professional.   It's been 20 years of wearing the 'marketer' hat and now it's time to find what other hat I might like.

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May I recommend...

If you came here looking for marketing advice and support, I don't want you to leave unhappy without anything to show your time.

So, here are a few recommendations for websites that you may like to check out if you want marketing advice or resources:

  • Seth Godin   (all of his books are fantastic and his email newsletter is definitely worth subscribing to).

  • Akimbo Workshops (if you're serious about doing better marketing, you would be crazy to not sign up for the next 'The Marketing Seminar').

  • Everybody Hates Marketers  (one of the BEST marketing podcasts and newsletters you will find).

  • Social Media Examiner  (where you will find all the up-to-date information on every thing social media).

  • If you live in Adelaide, check out SA Woman (they have lots of members who specialise in marketing).

  • I've also used sites like UpWork, and Fiverr (there are quality freelancers on these sites, just be clear about what you want to be done and communicate this effectively.  And don't pick the cheapest.).

  • You would be amazed at how much valuable content is available on sites like HubSpot (CRM software), Canva (design software) or Ahrefs (SEO software).

If you're still here and interested in some parting advice from my years of being a marketer, here you go:

  • Don't go looking for a 'one size fits all', magic silver bullet marketing solution that is going to lead to an overnight success story....IT DOESN'T EXIST!!!  (and beware of anyone promising such a thing)

  • You can learn any marketing tactic or skill for free on YouTube or the internet.  Whether you'll have the creativity, time and consistency to implement them in the way you need to is something you need to consider.

  • All the fancy business cards, logos and flyers, beautiful websites, Facebook posts, Instagram adverts, Google Adwords and automated funnels won't mean much if the experience you deliver to your customers is average or crap.  You'll just end up having to spend more and more money on attracting new customers who won't stick around.

  • You need to do marketing that makes you STAND OUT!  And that will involve you being brave enough to do what others aren't doing (and possibly making some people not like you in the process).

  • You don't need some 30-page textbook style marketing plan, but you do need some sort of simple roadmap that you're going to follow.  It can be as easy as:
    1. Set the business or revenue goal you're working towards (eg. want 20 new customers per month)
    2. Identify 3 strategies with goals that are aligned with your goal (eg. Facebook adverts that get 200 clicks per month, sign up 10 customers a month to the referral program with 10 customers per month, Collaborate with 3 other businesses)
    3. List the tactics you need to implement for the different strategies (eg. learn how to create Facebook adverts or find a Facebook advert specialist, develop the referral program, research which businesses you can approach for collaborations etc.).
    4. Review this at least every 3 month and makes changes as needed.


  • Marketing is not something you can 'Set and Forget'.  It needs energy, time, and resources if you want your business to grow. 

  • Don't copy what you see other businesses doing.  You don't know if it is even working for them and you also need to remember... they are not you.  You may be in a different industry, with a different product, different business model, different team/staff, different customers, different energy.  Trust that when 'you do you', the right people will come to your business.

  • Lastly, if you're not willing to make some changes, don't expect anything to change in your business and with your revenue.