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What's your plan to get more people talking about your business?

No one talks about an ‘ok’ experience.  Even a ‘good’ experience doesn’t get talked about, because ‘good’ is what people expect. 

If you want word of mouth marketing to attract new customers, you need to exceed expectations. You need to give people a reason to tell others about your business.  And you do that by first understanding the whole journey customers go on with your business before you creating a memorable experience that makes you stand out from the rest.

If you haven’t ever gone through the process of reviewing your customer experience or mapping out the whole journey your customers go on when they use your business, then how do you know what your customers are experiencing? 

Forget about all the other marketing tactics you've been worried about, start with focusing on your experience.  It's your experience that sets you apart from your competition and keeps your customers coming back.   It's the reason people remember you, talk about you and recommend you.....which leads to MORE NEW CUSTOMERS!  Your experience also helps you stand out as a leader in your industry, the one that other business owners aspire to be like.

 86% of buyers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience.

Word of Mouth Marketing brings in 5 times more sales than paid media.

People are 4 times more likely to buy a product or work with a business when referred by people they know.

"Make every interaction count, even the small ones.  They all count."
- Shep Hyken

About You

I see you.  You love being a business owner.  You aren't afraid to question things and implement changes when you need to evolve.    You value memorable experiences and want to create an experience for your customers that makes you different from your competitors because you want to stand out and be remembered.  You know that the journey your customers go on from discovery to becoming a raving fan is important.  You also don't want to compete on price alone and have no desire to be chosen because you're the cheapest.  You seek to be known as the best in your industry.

About Me

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I'm a curious, creative marketer with a strategic mind who is always thinking about 'what's possible'.   I love to explore what is unique about you & your business and as an 'Experience Creator' I guide you to craft a customer experience that sets you apart from the rest.    I'm all about the little details that make the big picture special and I view marketing as so much more than social media posts, advertising and getting leads.  I have 18 years of marketing experience, 12 years as a business owner and an obsession with learning, so you can trust that I'm the right person to help you start reaping the rewards of more Word of Mouth marketing.

"Repetition doesn't create memories, new experiences do."
- Brian Cheskey (co-founder Airbnb)


The best place to start is with an....



  • How do you know if your customer experience is really as good as you think it is?

  • Have you ever looked at the journey your customers go on & identified all the different touchpoints they have with your business?

  • What opportunities are there to take your customer experience to the next level?

An Experience Check-Up is going to help you to see your business through the eyes of your customers and give you a personalised Experience Journey Map for your individual business. 



If you have any questions about working with me as your Experience Creator, please use the contact form or details below.

I look forward to connecting with you.

JOURNI Marketing
Adelaide, South Australia


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